Top 7 products to stay in shape according to evan holyfield

The reigning professional boxer Evan Holyfield has two key secrets to his success: intense focus and accelerated recovery. In order to amplify every stage of his vigorous training routine, he’s been stimulating his natural Endocannabinoid System with our very own Georgia Hemp Company CBD products. For use before, during, and after his workouts, each of these products allows Holyfield to keep his hands nimble, his feet floating, and his eyes on the target.

What CBD products help Holyfield beat his opponents to the punch?

We all know the most crucial part of a fight happens before the bell even rings. 

  1. Sympleaf Sport 25mg Pre-Workout Capsules

Evan Holyfield starts off his effective training with Sympleaf Sport 25mg Pre-Workout Capsules., which activate the CB1 and CB2 receptors of his Endocannabinoid System. The perfect compliment to his endurance driven routine !

2. Sympleaf Sport 800mg CBD Cool Stick

One of Evan’s favorite products is our  Sympleaf Sport 800mg CBD Cool Stick simply for the ease of application, compact size, and consistent delivery of CBD to where it’s needed most. Our unique mentholated formula allows for seamless application and lasts longer than most topicals on the market. A must for dedicated athletes as a pre-workout supplement while on the go.

3. Sympleaf Sport 600MG Kinesiology Tape

Another essential product in Evan’s workout is the Sympleaf Sport 600mg Kinesiology Tape. A key innovation of this product allows a passive absorption of CBD into the Endocannabinoid System while training, so Evan can push his workout to the next level without losing his focus on his ultimate goal: winning his next match. The perfect product for a first-class athlete.

4. Sympleaf Sport 10mg CBD Gum

Sympleaf Sport 10mg CBD Gum is Evan’s first choice when it comes to constant focus. This allows for delivery of CBD to be directly released into the bloodstream, giving Evan his much needed edge. The ease and accessibility of this gum allows Evan to keep a clear mindset wherever his day-to-day routine takes him.

5. Sympleaf Sport 500mg Muscle Pain Cream

After a long day of training, Evan’s priority switches to preparing his body for the  acceleration of his recovery so he’s at the top of his game the following day. He uses our Sympleaf Sport 500mg Muscle Pain Cream, which is formulated to rapidly support his recovery routine.

6. Sympleaf Wellness 1000mg CBD Massage & Body Oil

When deep-tissue massages are on the table, Holyfield includes our Sympleaf Wellness 1000mg CBD Massage & Body Oil, specifically formulated for quick absorption so the CBD gets to where it is needed most.

7. The Georgia Hemp Company’s 100mg Bath Bomb Pucks 

Sleep is a fundamental part of any prime athlete’s recovery routine, and Holyfield’s program is no different. The Georgia Hemp Company’s 100mg Bath Bomb Pucks provide Evan with head-to-toe muscle relaxation that allows for the deep sleep he needs to perform at his best. A must-have in his championship recovery program, this bath bomb is one of his closely kept relaxation secrets!

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