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Looking for a safe and effective vape you can trust? Look no further than Georgia Hemp Company. Our organically grown hemp plants are carefully CO2 extracted into an ultra-pure broad-spectrum CBD oil that’s never mixed with any cheap fillers or additives. 

Aromatherapy pENS FAQs

Best CBD Terpene Units

Ever since CBD pens surged on the market and became mainstream, pens have become a go-to choice for many because of the flavors they deliver and the fact that using a pen is the quickest way for CBD to enter your bloodstream. Our Georgia Hemp CBD terpene units deliver extraordinary flavors that are vibrant in taste and feature unique effects depending on the product profile you choose. Georgia Hemp Company terpene units come in three different product profiles: Focus, Relax, and Revive.



The Focus Georgia Hemp profile consists primarily of Beta Caryophyllene, Limonene, and Humulene. This profile is best for people that are looking to foster creativity and offer serene, joyful and focused effects. Beta Caryophyllene is a common and often abundant terpene found in cannabis. It has been found to activate the CB2 receptors to reduce pain. Limonene is an aromatic terpene that is commonly associated with fruity, citrus aromas. Limonene helps to provide anxiety and stress relief. Humulene has earthy, spicy notes that can provide anti-inflammatory benefits.



The Relax Terpene profile consists primarily of Linalool, Humulene, and Myrcene. This profile is best for people that are looking for a fusion of euphoria and physical relaxation and hungry effects. Linalool has a floral aroma that is believed to promote relaxation and have calming effects. It is commonly found in lavender and birch bark. Humulene has more spicy notes and can provide anti-inflammatory benefits. Myrcene is the most common terpene in commercial cannabis because of it’s commonly known calming effects.



The Revive Terpene profile consists primarily of Beta Caryophyllene, Myrcene, Limonene, and Ocimene. This profile is best for people that are looking for an energizing, uplifting and happy effect. Beta Caryophyllene was one of the first non-cannabinoids to directly activate cannabinoid receptors. Caryophyllene offers spicy notes and anti-inflammatory benefits. Myrcene also offers spicy notes and offers calming effects. Limonene helps to provide anxiety and stress relief and offers citrus notes. Ocimene offers sweet and herbaceous flavors and offers a wide array of uplifting effects.


Our aromatherapy pens come neatly fitted into our appealing packaging, displaying not only our superior pens but also information about the different terpene profiles. Each of our aromatherapy pens come packed with our special, USA-grown, 100% organic hemp, containing 200mg of CBD. Our pens are a full spectrum CBD product that utilize the whole hemp plant, meaning they are rich in cannabinoids. The aromatherapy pens themselves are small, discreet and very portable. Due to their small size, you can take them anywhere without hassle. The best part of it all is that our pens come fully charged so you can enjoy them right out of the box. They are also disposable. So once you’ve used all of the oil in the pen, simply toss it the side for a no-fuss experience.


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