THE GHC Run for mascot has begun!

It’s the beginning of the Ganjanatorial race in Georgia 2022 – to support the office of Commander-in-Keef for the Georgia Hemp Company, Joe Salome, as his mascot.

Blazey Abrams is an American pot-a-tician, lawyer, voting rights activist, and author (of award-winning novel, “The Time to Blaze is Now.”) who served in the Georgia House of Reefersentatives from 2007 to 2017. A proud member of the Cheebacrat Party, Blazey started the Indica Action organization to promote the relaxing effects of all indica strains for her state. Her efforts have been widely credited with drastically decreasing overall stress and anxiety levels within the state.

Blazey said to the Atlanta Chronic, “I get high, but I don’t get too high. I’m — hands down — the best fit for the quickly changing climate of Georgia for 2023.”

“I’m voting for Blazey because she has a good track record of fighting for cannabis rights”, says Kassidy Callahan. 

“I’m also voting for Blazey because I like her mental health platform of decreasing stress and anxiety,” says Joe Salome. 

Brian Hemp is an American pot-a-tician, businessman and currently serves as inaugural mascot of The Georgia Hemp Company since January 2019. A member of the Herbublican Party, Hemp served as Secretary-of-Stash from 2010 to 2018, and as a chair of the Georgia Sativa Committee from 2003 to 2007.

Before entering into pot-a-tics, Hemp owned several agribusinesses, including multiple Cannabis Farms in Athens, Georgia. In 2018, he ran for GHC Mascot against Cheebacrat nominee, Blazey Abrams. Hemp narrowly won the campaign, which promotes sustained energy and Sativa-based strains, with 50.2% of the vote.

Hemp said to the Atlanta Chronic, “Let me be blunt, it’s called CANnabis, not CANTabis! I WILL be your mascot in 2023.”

“Brian Hemp is the current mascot for a reason, he’s the only option in my eyes”, says Shane Hess. 

“Brian Hemp is a businessman and as a businessman myself I like his approach to promoting the benefits of Sativa”, says Ryan Dills.

Last night’s ganjanatorial debate took place at one of The Georgia Hemp Company’s locations after store hours, discussing current store issues, such as sativa vs. indica, the tastiest GHC edible, and CBN oil vs. CBN capsules.

Voting will take place both online and in-store until Tuesday, Nov. 8. Get 10% off sativa and indica products  starting Tuesday, Sept. 6.

Hemp and Blazey will have a campaign stop at The Georgia Hemp Company in Sandy Springs on the weekend of Sept. 23. Make sure to catch them in the Pride parade on Oct. 9 and the Little 5 Points Parade on Oct. 23. 

The Georgia Hemp Company will announce more campaign stops and appearances soon at @TheGeorgiaHempCompany on Facebook and @thegahempco on Instagram.

For more information or interview requests, call The Georgia Hemp Company at (404) 343-2796 or e-mail

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