Decatur Store Robbed

A burglar smashed the front door at a DeKalb County store and stole thousands of dollars worth of hemp products.

Surveillance footage from the Georgia Hemp Company in the early morning hours of Saturday, June 24, shows a man smashing his way into the store located at Church Street and North Decatur Road.

Once inside he went straight for the counter, crashing a glass cabinet to the ground and grabbing the products that were stored inside it.

The shop’s owner says the man took off with thousands of dollars in federally legal hemp flour.

The store shared the surveillance video with Channel 2 Action News in hopes that the public can assist police in finding him.

They say it’s their customers that he is hurting the most by delaying product availability.

“They took something that gives people relief, so I feel for them more than us as a company,” Georgia Hemp Company’s Katherine McLemore said. “We’re okay. It’s the people that need help.”

The store has been able to replace the product and repair their door, but they want justice for the burglar.

By Veronica Griffin, WSB-TV

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