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If you’ve never taken CBD before, ingesting it via pills and capsules is an easy place to start. You can easily take them with your daily multivitamin and monitoring dosage is easy because they already come in pre-measured doses. Capsules take around 45 minutes to begin to work and then have lasting effects for several hours.

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Capsules FAQs

What’s a CBD pill?

While CBD oil is one of the most commonly used types of CBD products, CBD can be enjoyed in a variety of ways, such as CBD pills or capsules. CBD pills are small, convenient pills containing between 10-50 mg of premium that are easy to take regularly, with or without food. For people used to taking pills each day, this might just be the simplest way to integrate CBD into your daily routine. 25mg is the standard potency because its effects last throughout the entire day and into the evening, however, this may be too strong for people that have never used CBD before. For those just entering the CBD world, we recommend our 10mg capsules. Many people choose to take one CBD capsule with breakfast and one before bed.

Why Georgia Hemp?

CBD isn’t created equally. Our CBD capsules are made from start to finish with purity, potency, and quality in mind. Unlike some companies who just use a portion of the cannabis plant, we use full-spectrum CBD to provide the whole range of compounds that naturally exist within the hemp plant. The hemp oil found in our CBD pills is derived from plants grown organically at our farms. No harmful chemicals. No random ingredients. Just all natural capsules that boost your quality of life and you access to the full power of hemp.

CBD Pills by Georgia Hemp

While there are many different types of products containing CBD (cannabidiol) on the market, CBD pills are rapidly becoming one of the most popular ways to consume CBD due to the fact that they are small, convenient to take, and tasteless. They are simple to use and can be taken right alongside your current vitamins and supplements. If you are looking for a no-mess, no-fuss CBD product, CBD capsules are definitely the way to go. Making one simple change in your daily routine can create an entire world of difference in your lifestyle – just read our product reviews!

You will not feel “high”, as there are no intoxicating ingredients present in our CBD gelcaps – hemp may come from the same plant family as marijuana, but CBD products don’t contain an active amount of THC, and therefore will not impair you. The idea of using CBD for lifestyle reasons may currently seem like a bright new idea, but the truth is that up until the start of the last century when it was outlawed, CBD had been used this way for centuries.

CBD Capsules

As mentioned, CBD capsules are generally much easier to use than other CBD products, as you can just pop them in your mouth, swallow, and continue with your day. They are perfect for when you are on the go, flavorless, and each of these gel caps has been perfectly balanced to give you the correct amount as listed on the label. They take away any of the guesswork or measuring required with other products, and you don’t have to invest in any equipment to use them.

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