Cannabinoid Tolerance Buildup while under Quarantine

Celebrating Better Decisions

Enjoying an entire month of 4/20? Us too! With so many tasty edibles, beverages, and fresh rolled flowers with heady, healthy terpenes…it makes us think there’s no better time to talk about cannabinoid tolerance and how it can affect you.

Cannabinoid Tolerance and YOU

As we learn more about the human body and the Endocannabinoid System (ECS) it is important to understand how cannabinoid tolerance can affect your treatment over time. Like any medical regimen, cannabinoid education is very important to understanding how cannabinoids work best for you, and you body’s needs. 

Your Cannabinoid Fuel Tank

When we talk about the cannabinoid receptors in the human body, it’s sometimes easier to think of an empty fuel tank. When we fill up our cannabinoid tank with tablets, drinks, edibles, or smokeables, our ECS uses those cannabinoids for natural pain relief, increased circulation, anxiety management, and a host of other benefits.The catch? Nobody really knows how much room is in the tank…we just know it doesn’t get any bigger—making it easy to under- or over-fill your internal cannabinoid tank.

Tolerance Has Consequences

Lucky for us, the consequences of too little or too much aren’t physically or mentally harmful…the worst consequence from too many cannabinoids? Over the long term, you won’t be getting the same helpful effects as when you started. This can lead to over-spending on cannabis treatments—possibly putting a strain on your budget.

Over-puffing, helps nothing.

It’s ok to take solace in the knowledge that you can’t harmfully overdose on cannabinoids. However, that’s no excuse to mismanage your endocannabinoid system. When your body becomes accustomed to large doses of cannabinoids, small doses don’t have the same efficacy. 

How much is too much?

Nobody knows, except you. You are the only one who truly knows your own pain, anxiousness, stress, etc. Only you will know when you’re experiencing the benefits of cannabinoid treatment. And only you will know when treatments aren’t feeling as effective. It will be important to keep a mental note of your cannabinoid doses to ensure you find the most effective dose for your needs. 

Managing Cannabinoids Effectively

Every body is different and each needs a different cannabinoid treatment for effectiveness. Moderation is the key to long-term cannabinoid benefits. Starting with low doses and slowly working your way up to mid-level doses will allow you to understand how cannabinoids affect you and the benefits you can expect. 

The Healthy Choice

Starting or increasing your cannabinoid treatment? The best thing you can do is talk to professionals who have experience in the field. They’ll be better at helping you determine a good starting dose that won’t over-fill your tank, and help you find long-term success with your health goals.

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