Georgia Hemp Clipper Lighter

Clipper lighters are child-resistant and achieve 3,000 lights per fill. These are refillable and have replaceable flints, which makes them better for the environment compared to other branded lighters and Comes with a packing tool.

Some people associate the use of the Clipper lighter with roll-your-own cigarettes.  This is due to its flint system which is often used by smokers to pack tobacco in roll-your-own cigarettes.

It is also often used in smoking because the flint system doubles as a poker or “tamper”, commonly used when packing joints or blunts.

The lighter’s shape also allows the user to use the lighter without getting burned. Additionally, the lighters release additional butane when turned horizontal or upside down, making it easier for smokers to light bowls, bongs, and pipes.

The bottom of the lighter is also designed to fit inside and pack a bowl.


Weight 0.25 oz
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 in


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