NEW hemp flower pre-roll hemp packaging!

pre roll 1g blackberry kush delta 8 hemp flower

You may have seen our new hemp flower pre-roll packaging! Wondering why we made the change, and why we did it? There are few reasons why! 

You know here at The Georgia Hemp Company we believe in keeping the hemp industry green. That means when we change packaging we still try to do it with the less amount of waste possible. This is why we have changed our packaging to Sana Packaging hemp tube. This hemp plastic tube is 100% plant based and chemical free, otherwise known as #7 recyclable. This means we can keep collecting your hemp tubes for our recycling program

So you may be wondering what some of the benefits of the new tubes are… 

  • Child-resistant lid
  • #7 recyclable
  • Fits up to a king-size pre-roll (hello high quality hemp pre-rolls!)
  • Made in the USA
  • Ethical Materials
  • Made in the USA and our hemp plastic supply chain is fully North American – i.e. our suppliers source our raw materials from the United States and Canada.

So now when you grab Georgia’s Finest pre-rolls you know you will also be helping keep the hemp industry more green. 

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