Free Wake and bake mug with quarter purchase

Sip. Smoke. Smoke. Sip. It’s your morning, you can enjoy it however you want. The world is yours.

Picture this: you wake up, the aroma of freshly brewed coffee fills the air, and you reach for your favorite mug. Now, imagine that same mug seamlessly incorporating an integrated weed pipe, giving you the option to indulge in your favorite herbs. The GHC Wake and Bake Mug is not just an ordinary mug; it’s a thoughtful creation designed to enhance your morning ritual. Let’s be honest, deciding between caffeine and another toke isn’t easy, but now you don’t have to. One less decision to make, and that’s our gift to you.

To show appreciation for all of our loyal customers, any customer that purchases any quarter oz of flower (CBD, D8 or THCa) over the next two months will receive this mug for FREE ! But like all good things in life, there’s a caveat. We don’t like broken things, and we can’t risk having this beautiful mug breaking through shipping, so unfortunately, this will be an instore or “pick-up” only offer.

So come on down to any of our four locations and take advantage of this limited time offer !
Purchase a quarter oz of our finest herb and receive the perfect way to redefine your morning wake and bake routine.

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