Joe Salome of The Georgia Hemp Company™ Reflects on the Maternal Inspiration Behind His Success

In the vibrant city of Atlanta, a place deeply rooted in tradition yet always eager to embrace innovation, we find the heartfelt story of Joe Salome, co-founder of The Georgia Hemp Company™ and Sympleaf Sport CBD™. As Mother’s Day approaches, it’s the ideal time to explore how profound maternal influence can be, particularly in shaping the careers and life paths of entrepreneurs like Joe.

Raised in the northern suburbs of Atlanta and a graduate of Kennesaw State University, Joe Salome has carved a niche for himself in the competitive world of hemp and CBD products. Under his leadership, The Georgia Hemp Company™ has grown significantly, with several stores across Georgia and more on the way. However, the roots of his venture extend deep into personal history, marked significantly by his mother’s brave fight against ovarian cancer.

During her rigorous chemotherapy treatments, Joe’s mother turned to cannabis, finding solace in its relief from the severe side effects of her conventional medications. Witnessing the positive effects firsthand galvanized Joe’s advocacy for natural, alternative treatments, highlighting the potential of cannabis to improve quality of life. “My mom was my first investor,” Joe recalls with gratitude. “Her support and belief in the healing properties of cannabis fueled my commitment to the wellness industry.”

Joe’s mother wasn’t just a personal supporter; she was a professional ally too. With a nursing background, she brought a wealth of medical knowledge to the table, becoming an active member of the National Cannabis Nurses Association and a staunch advocate for the use of cannabis-based products in medical treatment.

Joe’s dedication to cannabis advocacy was further shaped by his family’s ethos of service, inherited from his parents. “My father was a lifelong military man, and my mother was an IV nurse. Their service to others had a profound influence on me, and it was my mother’s strength and encouragement that guided me through the early challenges of entering the cannabis industry,” Joe explains.

Together with his childhood friend Ryan Dills, Joe founded The Georgia Hemp Company™, which has become a cornerstone of the community for both hemp enthusiasts and those new to CBD. The duo’s approach to customer service—personalized like a salon visit—ensures that clients are educated and comfortable with their purchases. Joe notes that gummies, particularly those combining THC and CBD, are customer favorites, celebrated for their effectiveness in managing conditions like anxiety and chronic pain.

Looking ahead, Joe is excited about the future of hemp-infused beverages, predicting their prevalence in bars and restaurants nationwide, and offering a subtle, enjoyable way to experience the benefits of hemp.

Joe’s journey is more than a business success story; it’s a testament to the transformative power of maternal support. His mother’s unwavering belief in the benefits of cannabis not only shaped his professional path but also contributed to significant legislative changes in Georgia, including the Haleigh’s Hope Act and Georgia’s Hope Act, which have helped countless others gain access to medical cannabis.

As we celebrate Mother’s Day, we recognize mothers like Joe’s, whose resilience, wisdom, and unconditional support inspire their children to innovate and lead with compassion. At The Georgia Hemp Company™, Joe Salome continues to honor his mother’s legacy by pushing boundaries and advocating for wellness solutions that can truly make a difference.

To all the incredible mothers making an impact: Happy Mother’s Day! Your influence shapes futures and fosters the spirit of innovation that drives our world forward.

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