How to Get the Greatest Satisfaction From Your Pre-Roll

“Pre-roll” is cannabis pop culture vernacular for pre-rolled joints. They’re ultra-convenient for CBD enthusiasts on the go who don’t have time to roll their own, or for gift-givers looking for a special present for friends and family new to the cannabis scene.

Let’s explore the different types of pre-rolls and how to get the most out of your pre-rolled joint.

What’s so special about a pre-rolled joint?

Pre-rolls have a few distinguishing features that users appreciate:

  • They’re disposable. Unlike smoking out of a bowl or bong, there’s no extra equipment required. Just a joint and a lighter – which makes them perfect for travelers.
  • They’re convenient. Just pick your pre-roll up, light it, kick back and enjoy.
  • They’re social. Joints are the ideal smoking method in social interactions, whether you’re sharing one on the porch or around a campfire.
  • They’re discreet. Pre-rolled joints are easily disguised in a pocket carrier or a cigarette pack.
  • They deliver immediate results. The effects of cannabis edibles can take an hour or more to kick in; pre-rolls deliver results within just a few minutes of inhalation.
  • They’re stylish. Unless you’re a veteran joint-roller, the artisan pre-rolls you pick up from our store are going to be sleeker and prettier than the ones you produce on your own.

A high-quality pre-roll, far from just being a utilitarian tool, is a work of art. Here’s what makes the ideal pre-roll:

It’s not so tight so as to strain the smoking experience, but not too loose so as not to adequately hold in place the flower while it burns. Instead, it’s just right. Your flower burns in a uniform, steady manner. A filter at the end allows you to grip the joint while refining the smoke for a smooth, easy-on-the-lung experience.

Indica vs sativa pre-rolls: choices, choices

Different types of CBD flowers produce potentially widely divergent effects. Knowing what effects you’re looking for, and selecting the appropriate corresponding pre-roll, is a must.

The big decision you have before you when choosing the right pre-roll is Indica vs Sativa. Lucky for you, we sell both types via our Georgia Hemp Company online store.

Let’s briefly explore the respective effects of Sativa and Indica.

Sativa-heavy strains have an energizing effect. They’re perfect for getting psyched for the day ahead in the morning, perhaps alongside a cup of tea or coffee, or in the evening for a late-night study session.

Creative industry professionals like writers and graphic designers swear by Sativa for its inspirational ability to jumpstart the creative process.

Sativa Hemp Flower 1g Pre-Roll

Indica strains have a relaxing, calming effect. Many users report improved sleep quality after smoking indica pre-rolls. The shut-eye authority Sleep Foundation concurs with this generalized assessment:

Indica Hemp Flower 1g Pre-Roll

What to look out for in pre-rolls

Pre-rolls have earned a negative reputation among a segment of the cannabis community because vendors will often slip sub-par cannabis into their pre-rolled joints on the assumption that the user won’t break it open and inspect.

We don’t do any of that at Georgia Hemp Company. Whether you’re buying the whole bud or the pre-roll, your product will contain only high-grade, third-party-tested CBD.

Some pre-rolls also contain primarily trim ( the excess post-harvest trimmings of plants for greater yields) or shake (tiny bits of bud that fall off of nugs during harvest, drying, and transport). Vendors often don’t know what to do with these products, which still contain cannabinoids and terpenes even though they’re not as aesthetically desirable, and so use them in pre-rolls.

Contact Georgia Hemp Company for more smoking tips

We’re always ready and willing to ensure that our customers enjoy the maximum possible level of enjoyment from the use of our products.

Contact us with your questions and we’ll equip you with the know-how you need to get the most satisfaction from your pre-roll. 

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