“Do More 2024” with The Georgia Hemp Co.: Elevate Your “High & Dry” January Nights

As the new year unfolds, The Georgia Hemp Co. welcomes you to embrace sobriety and mindfulness with “High & Dry” January. This month-long celebration is not just about resolutions but a commitment to “Do More 2024.” Experience the joy of enjoying a night out without the after-effects of alcohol as we introduce a range of non-alcoholic alternatives to redefine your social experiences. Join us in savoring the moments, elevating your spirits, and making 2024 a year of conscious choices.

Products to Elevate Your Nights

GHC Hemp 20mg Delta 9 Shooters – Assorted Flavors

Step into the world of non-alcoholic bliss with our GHC Hemp 20mg Delta 9 Shooters. Indulge in assorted flavors that promise the thrill without the alcohol-induced haze, making it the perfect companion for a lively night out.

Flora 5mg Delta 9 + 10mg CBD Cannacocktails

Experience sophistication with Flora Cannacocktails, blending 5mg Delta 9 with 10mg CBD for a relaxing and flavorful alternative to traditional cocktails. Sip and savor without the worry of the morning-after blues.

Rebel Rabbit 10mg Delta 9 Seltzer

For a crisp and refreshing choice, Rebel Rabbit 10mg Delta 9 Seltzer is the perfect go-to. Enjoy the effervescence and Delta 9 goodness, making it an ideal companion for a bubbly, alcohol-free night out.

Flora Hemp 317mg CBD Essence Non-Alcoholic Spirit

Indulge in the essence of non-alcoholic sophistication with Flora Hemp 317mg CBD Essence. Elevate your spirits without the spirits, as this non-alcoholic option brings a touch of class to your evenings.

“High & Dry” January Events

Mark your calendars for exclusive Brewery Nights at Pour Taproom Midtown on the 20th, Pour Taproom Beltline on the 27th, and Pour Taproom Interlock on the 27th, all from 7PM to 9PM. Join us as we bring the celebration to these fantastic venues, showcasing our non-alcoholic delights and providing an opportunity for you to experience the joy of “Do More 2024” firsthand.

Positive Effects of “High & Dry” January

  1. Clarity of Mind: Experience mental sharpness and heightened cognitive function.
  2. Revitalized Energy: Wake up feeling refreshed and energized every morning.
  3. Improved Sleep: Enjoy restful nights and wake up ready to conquer the day.
  4. Mindful Socializing: Make meaningful connections and enjoy the present moment without alcohol-induced fog.

This “High & Dry” January, embark on a journey of clarity, mindfulness, and doing more with The Georgia Hemp Co. Elevate your nights out with our non-alcoholic alternatives, where every sip is a celebration of well-being. Join us at Pour Taproom Midtown, Pour Taproom Beltline, and Pour Taproom Interlock for unforgettable Brewery Nights, and let’s make 2024 a year of conscious choices and joyful experiences. Here’s to a month of thriving, embracing clarity, and the joy of being “High & Dry” with The Georgia Hemp Co.!

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