Bowling for a Cause: Join The Georgia Hemp Co. at the Pinn State Celebrity Bowling Tournament!

Excitement is rolling in as The Georgia Hemp Co. proudly sponsors an event that’s set to strike a perfect balance between entertainment and philanthropy. Get ready to lace up your bowling shoes for the first-ever Pinn State Celebrity Bowling Tournament, brought to you in partnership with 105.3 the Beat. This thrilling face-off, featuring none other than Ferrari Simmons and DJ Loui Vee, will take place on the leap day of February 29th at Your 3rd Spot. It’s not just a game; it’s a gathering of hearts and talents, all bowling for a commendable cause.

Celebrity Teams Roll it Out!

Celebrity Teams Roll it Out!

Imagine a place where your favorite local artists, comedians, and media moguls come together, not for a concert, not for a press conference, but for a bowling tournament. Yes, you read that right! Teams led by celebrities will hit the lanes, showing off their strikes, spares, and maybe a few gutter balls, all in good spirits and fierce competition. With the ambiance set by 105.3 the Beat, this event promises an atmosphere filled with music, laughter, and camaraderie.

And remember, this is more than just a game. By joining us, you’re not just getting a chance to hang with the stars or cheer for your favorite team; you’re becoming part of a larger movement. Portions of the ticket sales will benefit the iHoop Too Foundation, a testament to the community’s collective effort to uplift and inspire our youth.

About the iHoop Too Foundation

About the iHoop Too Foundation

The iHoop Too Foundation stands as a beacon of hope and empowerment, especially for young women in our community. By focusing on basketball and other enriching community resources, the foundation fosters Personal Development, Education, and Health and Wellness. Their mission? To instill BIG Energy, BIG Effort, and BIG Confidence in every individual they reach, making a tangible difference in the world through each interaction. Your participation in the Pinn State Celebrity Bowling Tournament directly supports these initiatives, helping to ensure that the foundation can continue its vital work.


This event is an unparalleled opportunity to enjoy a fun-filled evening with your favorite celebrities and community leaders, all while supporting a noble cause. Whether you’re a bowling enthusiast, a fan of the featured celebrities, or someone passionate about community service, there’s something for everyone at the Pinn State Celebrity Bowling Tournament.

Don’t miss out on the chance to strike a win for the community. Grab your tickets, mark your calendar for February 29th, and let’s roll into Your 3rd Spot for an unforgettable night. Together, we can make a difference, one pin at a time.

For tickets and more information on how you can support the iHoop Too Foundation through this event, CLICK HERE. Let’s bowl for a brighter future!

Come out, have fun, and let’s strike a difference together. See you there!

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