WHOLESALE Terms of Sale

By agreeing to the terms and conditions you agree that you understand that the products purchased, whether consumable or topical, contain plant compounds from hemp oil. Our manufacturing facilities are registered with the FDA and our products are manufactured according to FDA guidelines for cGMP standards for dietary supplements. As these products have not been evaluated by the FDA, we make no claims as to any benefits from our products. If you decide to purchase our products, you do so based upon your own opinions as to any benefits these products may provide. All in-store and online orders are final unless the product is damaged or expired. Any expired or damaged products carry a 48-hour customer satisfaction guarantee. If you receive any expired or damaged products simply return the unused portion of the product. If we receive a returned product within 14 days, we will issue a full refund. Your acceptance of the terms of purchase means you agree to and understand the refund policy.

Please note: There are no returns or exchanges on Final Sale items.

The Georgia Hemp Company/Sympleaf Wellness Wholesale Program

**Payment Terms:**

We extend 30-day terms to approved clients. Exceptions may apply, particularly for new clients, those outside our home area, and/or large orders. If you have any questions or need clarification, feel free to reach out.

**Minimum Order Quantities (MOQs):**

We maintain a minimum order requirement of $500. Additionally, the minimum order quantity per SKU is 5 units, with some SKUs requiring 10 units or a full case. Please refer to the website for specific minimums displayed.

**Ordering and Processing:**

All orders are conveniently placed online and are typically delivered or shipped within 48 hours. For accounts with past-due balances, payment or approval is required before processing a new order.


– **Shipping Credits:** Enjoy a shipping credit of up to $25 for every $1000 ordered.

– **Delivery Charges:** For deliveries within 10 miles, a $50 charge applies, and beyond 10 miles, a rate of $5/mile is incurred. Orders over $2500 receive up to a $100 delivery credit. Clients may opt for pickup to avoid charges if requested and approved.


Take advantage of our 10% discount on orders exceeding $1000. Please note that this additional discount excludes sales items and Flora beverages, as Flora pricing already incorporates quantity discounts.


Invoices are typically sent within 48-72 hours of orders being shipped.


All of our products are tested for quality, and all shipments are carefully inspected before leaving our warehouse. Upon delivery of your order, please check product carefully to ensure it has not been damaged or expired during shipping. All claims for damaged or expired product must be made with 48 hours. Please contact us and provide detailed information for any product damaged or expired during shipping within that time. Please include a full description of the damages to the product or the expired products.


Phone: 404-343-2796
Email: WHOLESALE@thegeorgiahempcompany.com

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