The Georgia Hemp Company Sparks Conversation on The Morning X with Barnes & Leslie

In an enlightening and timely discussion on The Morning X with Barnes & Leslie, The Georgia Hemp Company’s co-founder, Joe Salome, took to the airwaves to delve into the evolving world of hemp and CBD. This segment, which aired live on 99X Atlanta — available at 100.5 on the FM dial in Atlanta, online at, or through the 99X app — shone a light on the significant strides being made in the industry, particularly in response to new legislation impacting hemp-infused products.

The heart of the conversation centered around a pivotal new law that is set to reshape the landscape for hemp-infused edibles, drinks, and consumable hemp products. With requirements for comprehensive testing and restrictions limiting sales to those over the age of 21, this legislation marks a critical evolution in the sector. Joe Salome, bringing his extensive insight and expertise, unpacked what these changes mean for consumers, businesses, and the broader community.

With the spotlight on safety and quality, the new law mandates rigorous testing for all hemp-infused consumables. Joe elucidated the importance of these measures, emphasizing their role in ensuring that products are not only effective but also safe for consumption. This move towards more stringent regulations underlines a commitment to consumer wellness and industry integrity.

The conversation also touched on the decision to restrict the sale of these products to individuals over the age of 21. Joe shared his perspective on how this aligns with The Georgia Hemp Company’s dedication to responsible consumption and the well-being of the community. By setting an age limit, the industry takes a conscientious approach to accessibility while continuing to champion the benefits of hemp and CBD for wellness.

Amidst the regulatory discussions, Barnes and Leslie navigated the nuances of THC, Delta 8, and CBD with Joe Salome. This trio of cannabinoids has captured the interest and imagination of consumers nationwide, each offering unique properties and benefits. Joe’s expertise shed light on the state of these compounds, their role in the market, and how The Georgia Hemp Company is at the forefront of delivering high-quality, compliant products to its customers.

The Morning X with Barnes & Leslie provided a perfect platform for The Georgia Hemp Company to share its vision and values with a wider audience. As pioneers in the hemp industry, Joe Salome and his team are not just navigating the waves of change; they’re leading the charge toward a future where wellness, responsibility, and innovation intersect.

Listeners were left informed, engaged, and excited about the possibilities that hemp and CBD present. As The Georgia Hemp Company continues to adapt and thrive amidst new regulations, its commitment to quality, education, and community wellness stands stronger than ever.

For those who missed this enlightening discussion, catch the replay on or via the 99X app. It’s a conversation that not only illuminates the current state of hemp and CBD but also underscores The Georgia Hemp Company’s role as a beacon of progress and trustworthiness in the industry.

Stay connected, stay informed, and explore the vast potential of hemp with the guidance and expertise of The Georgia Hemp Company. Here’s to a future where wellness and knowledge grow hand in hand.

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