Surfing to the Top: Brisa Hennessy Claims World #1 at the SHISEIDO Tahiti Pro

The tides have turned at the prestigious SHISEIDO Tahiti Pro, where Costa Rican powerhouse Brisa Hennessy has not only competed but has risen to become the number one ranked surfer in the world. This remarkable achievement cements her place on the global stage as she prepares to represent her country once again at the Paris 2024 Olympic Games. With her recent top placement in the Championship Tour rankings, Brisa has not just secured her spot in the Olympics but has set the bar incredibly high for her competitors.

Brisa’s journey to the top is scheduled to continue at the upcoming World Surf League event in Tahiti from May 21st to 30th, 2024. This iconic location, known for its challenging and pristine waves at Teahupoo, is where the world’s surfing elite come to prove their mettle. For Brisa, it’s another opportunity to showcase her relentless skill and ambition, elements that have become synonymous with her surfing identity.

Building on her historic fifth-place finish at the debut of surfing in the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, Brisa is now focused more than ever on capturing Olympic gold. Her ascent to the top of the world rankings is not just a personal victory but a source of national pride for Costa Rica. Brisa embodies the spirit of determination, resilience, and excellence, inspiring both current and future generations of athletes.

SHISEIDO Tahiti Pro presented by Outerknown

Behind her phenomenal success is her partnership with Sympleaf Sport CBD™, which supports her rigorous training and recovery. Brisa trusts Sympleaf’s NSF Certified for Sport® 1500mg CBD oil, the rejuvenating 1500mg CBD Cool Stick, and the harmonizing 25mg CBD Gummies with 150mg of Ashwagandha to keep her performance at its peak. These products play a crucial role in her physical and mental preparation, enabling her to maintain top form and focus on her goals.

As Brisa Hennessy continues to ride the waves of success, the anticipation for her performance in Paris builds. With Sympleaf Sport CBD™ by her side, she is poised to not only compete but dominate, aiming to bring Olympic glory to her country. The surf world watches eagerly as Brisa sets her sights on Paris, ready to conquer new challenges and achieve greater heights.

We invite the surfing community and fans of athletic excellence to join The Georgia Hemp Company™ and Sympleaf Sport CBD™ in supporting Brisa Hennessy as she prepares for her next monumental challenge at the Paris 2024 Olympic Games. It’s an opportunity to witness an athlete who embodies agility, endurance, and the spirit of competition at its finest.

As we look forward to the 2024 Olympics, we are excited to see Brisa represent the power of natural wellness solutions in achieving sporting excellence. Let’s cheer her on as she rides the waves of success and inspires athletes and fans alike with her performance and passion.

Stay tuned for more updates and follow Brisa’s journey with The Georgia Hemp Company™ and Sympleaf Sport CBD™, as we continue to support athletes in their pursuit of greatness.

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