December 13, 2018

5 Holiday Reasons for CBD: Reason #1 – All The Holiday Energy

Humans tend to get a bit hyper around the holidays. Even if it isn’t you specifically, the high energy of other people and over-the-top trappings can throw off your routines, cause stress, build anxiety, and generally drain your body’s natural systems. CBD won’t stop your neighbors from putting up their garish, over-illuminated decorations, but here’s what it can do:

For You: Your Endocannabinoid system (ECS) is a natural and helpful regulator of stress, anxiety, and energy. Boosting your system with some extra CBD to get you through the holiday season can do wonders. CBD Oil gives you the most control over your intake – easy to drop under the tongue, add to food, and absorb on the skin – plus it is very easy to increase dosage. Depending on the strength of your oil, you could just add a few more drops to see a difference.

For Them: Too many high-energy people at work? Bring in a pan of gluten-free CBD brownies and some CBD Cold-brew for the team. The boss will know you really care about the team, the team thinks you’re really doing the office a favor, and you’ll enjoy a less distracting workday.

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