Indica Bubble CBD Hash – Bubba Kush

Bubble hash, named for the way it bubbles when smoked, refers to a specific type of hash made with ice water. To make bubble hash, flower is added to bags of ice water (called “bubble bags”) and agitated, which freezes and then breaks the resin glands from the flower. These broken resin glands, which contain CBD, move through a series of screens while the plant material is left behind, forming bubble hash. Solventless extraction using only ice and water to create some classic bubble hash from greenhouse grown flower. Cured using new school tech with a freeze dryer to maintain quality, the crumble consistency, and bright color to rival any old school bubble hash on the market.

If pungent terpenes and relaxing effects are what you’re after — it’s time to grab some Bubba Kush.

Bubba Kush CBD hemp strain was born and bred to produce ample amounts of CBD. Ranked as one of the most potent CBD-dominant flowers for sale, Bubba Kush CBD comes in at a hefty 22% cannabinoid profile.

From CBD to THC-A, the Bubba Kush CBD strain provides hours of relaxation, euphoria, and a general sense of elevated wellness. Whether you need to clear your head after work or require some post-workout bliss, Bubba Kush CBD will have you floating through Nirvana. Aside from its calming effects, Bubba Kush provides ample levels of terpenes. From dark-roasted coffee to sweet pine covered in diesel fuel, Bubba Kush CBD is a treat to smell and taste.


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