CBD Sports Kit – 25% savings

Sport Kit:  You made it through the workweek and Saturday and Sunday welcomed you with open arms. But after a couple of days of softball, hiking, yard work – pretty much anything physical – you’re reminded that you’re not 18 anymore.
Find that sweet relief with this variety of pain relieving and relaxing CBD products from Sympleaf.


  • 10mg CBD Hemp Extract Organic Fruit Gummy Slices (30 ct)

    Sympleaf Wellness Hemp Extract Organic Fruit Gummy Slices with 10mg Broad Spectrum CBD per slice.


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  • 500mg CBD Muscle Pain Cream

    We’ve carefully crafted a potent hemp cream that travels deep down to muscle or joint soreness. This cream is rich in cannabinoids and was formulated with a blend of powerful botanical ingredients that allow your muscles and joints to support you on whatever journey you’re ready to take. Whether you’re stepping up your fitness routine or you suffer from everyday aches and pains, this CBD rich hemp cream enhanced with eucalyptus, menthol, and clove oil is sure to get the job done!


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  • 25mg CBD Relief Patch (2 ct)

    The SympLeaf Wellness Rapid Relief Patch is a fast-acting topical pain relief solution, empowered by CBD, lidocaine, and menthol. While lidocaine provides soothing anesthetic properties to calm nerves and stop pain impulses, menthol adds analgesic qualities, penetrating deeply to help relieve muscles and tendons. Each patch is 1-cm x14cm in size.


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25% savings

  • Sympleaf Wellness 10mg gummy
  • Sympleaf Wellness 25mg tablets
  • Sympleaf Wellness 500mg oil
  • Sympleaf Wellness 100mg Pain Cream
  • Sympleaf Wellness 25mg Pain Patches
  • The Georgia Hemp Company 30mg bath bomb
Weight 56 oz
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 5 in
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