GHC 90mg Delta 9 Water Soluble

Introducing the GHC Delta 9 Water Soluble – the latest innovation in the world of cannabis products. This unique formulation is designed to provide an easy and convenient way to incorporate the benefits of Delta 9 THC into your daily routine.

Delta 9 Water Soluble is a fast-acting, highly bioavailable liquid that can be easily added to any beverage of your choice. It is made using advanced nanotechnology that breaks down the Delta 9 THC molecules into tiny particles that are easily absorbed by the body. This means that you can experience the effects of Delta 9 THC quickly and efficiently, without having to wait for your body to digest it.

Delta 9 Water Soluble is also completely tasteless and odorless, making it a versatile product that can be added to any beverage without affecting its flavor. Whether you prefer water, juice, coffee, or tea, Delta 9 Water Soluble can be seamlessly integrated into your daily routine.


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Our Delta 9 Water Soluble Tinctures are our premium line of tinctures designed to provide a fast and effective way to consume CBD. These tinctures are formulated using high-quality, organic hemp extract and are water-soluble, which means they can be easily mixed with any beverage or food.

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