New Years Eve CBD Countdown

With the New Year around the corner, here’s a countdown of 10 reasons you should probably add CBD to your life immediately for an epic start to 2019.

10 – Try Something New

Living under a rock? That’s no excuse to be ignorant about CBD! With new studies being posted frequently there is a ton of information and research to educate yourself and dip a toe into the cannabinoid pool. The water’s fine.

9 – New Year, New Gifts.

The easiest way to find which CBD product works best with your lifestyle, is to try a starter kit with a few different items. Anything you aren’t interested in becomes an instant hit as a gift for CBD-curious friends!

8 – New Year’s Anxiety 

“It’s the new year, what’s there to worry about?” How about almost everything!? The promise of 2019 can be exciting and overwhelming. Will I be able to stick to my resolutions? Are my resolutions even any good? Did I even make resolutions!? CBD can help settle the nerves and the right terpene profile can help you focus on the task(s) at hand.

7 – Neuro-protection.

Planning on celebrating? Even a champagne toast at midnight can have some damaging effects on our brain cells. CBD is a known neuro-protectant that can help defend your brain from the long-term damage of “doing it big” this NYE.

6 – Energy to make it through midnight

Stay awake through midnight on pure excitement? Yea, right. CBD Coffee gives you the much-needed energy to keep celebrating the start of a brand new planetary rotation.

5 – Calm Over-excitement

Really excited for the ball to drop? Like, way-too excited? The sparkles, the lights, the sprays of glitter and champagne foam…what’s not to love? Don’t go burning through all your New Year’s energy in the first hour. Calm it down just a bit so you can really let loose at the end of the big countdown.

4 – Shock and Awww yeah. 

Hemp Flower is now a legal industrial product, so show up to your party with one or more of these epic-big hemp buds (aka Grinch Fingers) and people will need buckets for when their brains explode. Smells and smokes like ol’ cousin cannabis, without the high.

3 – Social Stimulant

If people aren’t hoisting you up onto their shoulders to celebrate the ginormous buds you just walked in with, that’s ok too. Choosing a CBD product or hemp flower with the right terpene profile is a fantastic way to stay social and add a little pep to your conversation. It may not get you high, but please remember your etiquette. Puff, puff, pass to the left still applies.

2 – Healthy Lifestyle Resolution

Ok, it’s almost midnight and like every-other carbohydrate-loving American you’re considering New Year’s resolutions about a healthier lifestyle. Well, CBD is your ticket to a healthier 2019! It could just be the kick-start that gets you over the pains of new workout routines. If nothing else, it will be nice to have some CBD on hand to:

1 – Cure The NYD Hangover

CBD is a natural vasodilator – helping to get blood flowing through the body faster – which is incredibly helpful when recovering from a night of exciting celebration. A cup of CBD coffee can be helpful, but an aromatherapy pen and some sour gummies will help get your metabolism going with some more immediate benefits.

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