Certificate of Analysis

A Certificate of Analysis (COA) is a document from an accredited third-party lab that shows the quantity of cannabinoids found in a product, such as CBD. This helps ensure that a manufacturer’s products meet advertised specifications and standards established by federal law. COAs should also indicate levels of heavy metals, pesticides, solvents, and THC found in a product, as well as the laboratory that ran the tests. With these certificates, customers can be confident that our company is committed to delivering accurate, high-quality, and safe products.


Children or those who are pregnant or breastfeeding should avoid using these products prior to consulting with a health care professional before using the product. 


Products containing cannabinoids should be kept out of reach of children. 



THCA Flower

Batter Up

Blue Ridge Beasters
Lemon Cherry Gelato

Lemon Gelato


Southern Daze

Southern Hospitality

Southern Nights

Stoned Mountain
Sweet Tea

The Connector

CBD Flower

Blueberry Muffin

CBG White

Fruit Loops

Oregon Guava

Pink Panther

Sour Pineapple

CBD Products

Cannadips Fresh Wintergreen 

Cannadips Go Fuel Mint

Cannadips Tangy Citrus

CBD Vapes

Relax Vape

Revive Vape

Focus Vape

D8 Flower

Blackberry Gleaux

Blue Wizard

Durban Poison (Distillate, Base Flower, Terpenes)

Early Bird

Forbidden Fruit (Base Flower)

Forbidden Fruit (Terpenes)
Golden Pineapple ( Base Flower)

Golden Pineapple (Terpenes)
Mendo Breath


Moon Rocks

Northern Lights


Runtz (Quarter)

Wedding Cake 

White Widow (Terpenes)

D8 Vapes

9lb Hammer Vape

Blue Dream

Cereal Milk Vape
Cereal Milk Vape (Terpenes)

Ekto Cooler Vape

Forbidden Fruit Vape

Georgia Pie Vape

GDP Vape

Granddaddy Purple Vape

Green Crack Vape

Jack Vape

King Louis Vape

Pineapple Express Vape

Sour Tsunami Vape

Strawberry Cough Vape 

Thin Mint Vape

Unicorn Piss Vape
Unicorn Piss Vape (Terpenes)

Wifi Vape 
Zkittles Vape

D8 Products

500mg CBD + Delta 8 1:1 Oil

5mg Delta 8 Sweet Tarts

750mg Water Soluble Delta 8

D8 30mg Sugar Cookies

D8 Baking Powder (Cookies)

D9 Products

15mg Delta 9/ 15mg CBD Dark Chocolate Mini

15mg Delta 9 / 15mg CBD Peanut Butter Nuggets

150mg Delta 9 THC 150mg CBD Dark Chocolate Bar

90mg Water Soluble Delta 9

20mg D9 Snickerdoodle Cookies
2mg D9 + 2mg CBD Hard Candy


400mg CBD Baking Powder

10mg Spearmint Gum

500mg CBD Chocolate Bar


25mg CBD + 10mg CBN  Mixed Berries Gummy

25mg CBD + 150mg  Ashwagandha Mixed Berries Gummy

CBD 25mg Watermelon Gummies

D8 10mg Watermelon Gummy

D8 25mg  Assorted Gummy

D9 10mg 1:1 Gummy

D9 10mg Chili Lime Watermelon Gummy

D9 10mg + D8 10mg Tropical Fusion Gummy

D9 10mg Black Raspberry Gummy

D9 10mg Pink Lemonade Gummy


Cured Aura – 10mg Broad Spectrum CBD

Cured Rise – 10mg Broad Spectrum CBD

Cured Zen – 10mg Broad Spectrum CBD

750mg Mushroom Brain Capsules


Classic City Hemp 20mg D9 Shooters – Assorted Flavors 

Delta Beverages 20mg D8 Seltzers

Delta Beverages 20mg D9 + 5mg CBD Maui Wowie Passion Fruit Cannabis Water
Delta Beverages 20mg D9 + 5mg CBD Wedding Cake Blood Orange Cannabis Water
Drinkin’ Buds 5mg D9 + 5mg CBD Rum Punch

Drinkin’ Buds 5mg D9 + 5mg CBD Margarita

Flora x GHC Citrus Bliss 25mg CBD Elixir 

Flora Blueberry Moscow Mule

Flora Passion Fruit Margarita

Flora Spicy Mango Margarita

Flora Hemp Spirit D8

Flora Hemp Spirit D9

Flora Hemp Spirit Essence

Flyers Cocktail co. 5mg D9 Sparking Cocktail – Margarita 

Flyers Cocktail co. 5mg D9 Sparking Cocktail – Ol’ Fashioned

Flyers Cocktail co. 5mg D9 Sparking Cocktail- Spritz

Kill Cliff Elk Blood

Kill Cliff Flamin’ Joe

Kill Cliff Mango Tango

Kill Cliff Orange Kush

Nirvanic D8 25mg infused Sparking Water – Watermelon

Nirvanic D9 20mg THC infused Cannabis Lift Sparking Water – Mango
North Canna Higher Vibes D9 + CBD Sparkling Water – Blueberry Citrus
North Canna Higher Vibes D9 + CBD Sparking Water – Raspberry Lemon

Rebel Rabbit D9 Grapefruit

Rebel Rabbit D9 Lemon Lime

Rebel Rabbit D9 Mandarin Orange

Zagga 25mg Delta 8 Non-Alcoholic Shooters


4mg CBD Pup Treats

300mg CBD Pet Oil


300mg CBD Face Toner

800mg CBD Moisturizing Face Cream

100mg CBD Lavender Bath Bomb Puck

100mg CBD Citrus Hibiscus Bath Bomb Puck

100mg CBD Rosemary Mint Bath Bomb Puck

100mg CBD Lemongrass Orange Bath Puck

CBD Topical Relief Patch

1500mg Salve

3000mg Kyle Pease Lidocaine Roll On


10mg CBD + 10mg Zinc Tablets

15mg CBD + 10mg CBN Soft Gel Capsules

50mg CBD Soft Gel Capsules
25mg D8 25mg Soft Gel

600mg Cured Mushroom Supplement – Rise
900mg Cured Mushroom Supplement – Aura

1200mg Cured Mushroom Supplement – Zen

750mg Mushroom Brain Capsules


3000mg Full Spectrum Hemp Extract Oil

3000mg Isolate Hemp Extract Oil

1500mg Full Spectrum Hemp Extract Oil

1500mg Isolate Hemp Extract Oil

750mg Full Spectrum Hemp Extract Oil

750mg Isolate Hemp Extract Oil

750 mg CBD Water Soluble

600mg CBN + CBD Oil

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