How to Smoke CBD For a Smooth, Enjoyable Experience

Smoking cannabis is the oldest and most widely practiced method of use.

There are alternatives to smoking CBD, of course, which we’ll briefly explore here, but many users enjoy the sensory experience of passing smoke through their mouth and nose, into their lungs, and back out again.

In addition to the pleasurable sensations, smoking CBD is also the most straightforward consumption route – all you need in the most basic formulation is joint paper, a lighter, and the hemp flower itself.

Let’s get into the basics of CBD smoking.

How is smoking CBD different from conventional ‘marijuana’?

The only essential difference between CBD flower and conventional THC-rich “marijuana” is the cannabinoid content; CBD hemp flower contains no more than 0.3% THC, the psychoactive compound.

So, with CBD, you’re not going to experience the same kind of “high” (the psychoactive effect) that is commonly associated in pop culture with cannabis consumption.

What you will feel is the anxiolytic, painkilling, calming and/or energizing (depending on the strain) physiological effects of CBD.

Learn more about differences between CBD and THC in our breakdown here.

You can also explore the different types of cannabinoids, their respective effects, and other cannabis terminologies in our Georgia Hemp Company CBD glossary.

Step #1: select the right kind of CBD hemp flower (sativa vs indica)

CBD hemp flower genetics tend to favor one of the two main species of cannabis: indica or sativa. Some are roughly 50/50 combinations.

One of the biggest decisions you have to make when selecting CBD hemp flower is whether you’re more interested in the sedative, calming effects of indica or the energizing, focusing effects of sativa.

Cannabis indica effects are sedative, meaning it helps you relax and neutralizes anxiety. Many users, for this reason, opt for indica-heavy CBD hemp joints in the evening to wind down after a long day.

Cannabis sativa effects, conversely, are invigorating, gearing you up for the day not unlike a cup of coffee – minus the jitters. For this reason, many users prefer sativa hemp flower joints in the morning to ramp up for the day ahead.

Differing effects aren’t the only consideration, however. There’s also a vast divergence among different strains in terms of scent. Some are fruity; others are earthy; others defy description. Experiment with various strains to discover your favorite.

Step #2: select your CBD smoking method

Now that you’ve picked out just the right buds to achieve your desired effects, it’s time to prepare to smoke.Task #1 is to break up the buds. You can do this the old-fashioned way by hand – but you’re liable to get your fingers sticky and lose some of the most cannabinoid-rich resin in the process. Instead, consider investing in an herb grinder – a small, portable device for breaking down large buds into manageable bits with a turn of the wrist.

Once it’s broken up, your CBD flower should look something like this:

Now, you have three basic options moving forward to get that CBD combusted and pass the smoke into your lungs:

  • Rolling (joints). Joints are comprised of CBD flower wrapped in paper in the same way a tobacco cigarette might be. They’re the “classic” method to smoke. You might also hear rolled cannabis referred to as a “blunt,” which utilizes cigar paper wrapping rather than traditional rolling paper.
    The only big downside to joints is that creating a functional, aesthetically pleasing product requires some degree of skill (developed through practice). Rolling is more complicated than it appears at first glance. That’s why some customers prefer to purchase our pre-rolled joints.

If you’re more into the DIY aesthetic, here’s a helpful handy guide to rolling your own:

  • Pipes (aka “bowls”). A bowl is a small glass pipe with a small “bowl” hence the name at one end connected to a third hole called a carburetor for optimized airflow and a hole at the other end through which you inhale the smoke.
    They are often intricately designed. Bowls are, small, transportable, and easy to use on the fly.
    Here’s a guide to packing and smoking a bowl:
  • Bong. Bongs are essentially upright pipes that incorporate the element of water in the bottom. When you light the bowl, the bong water bubbles as the smoked passes through. The water serves to “smooth” out the smoke, making it feel “cleaner” and easier on the lungs, as commonly reported by users.
    The big downside to bongs is that they’re rather large objects, making them inconvenient for transport. That’s why many users keep a bong for home use and roll joints or carry a bowl when they venture outside.
    Here’s a detailed guide to ripping bongs like a pro:

From a pure cost-effectiveness and efficiency perspective, pipes have the drop on joints as evidence shows that they deliver higher concentrations of cannabinoids using less product. Simply put, big bong rips are more potent than joint tokes

That said, many users simply prefer the more social and visceral experience of grasping and joint in their fingers and passing it around among their friends.

Are there alternatives to smoking CBD?

Combustion of any plant material – even all-natural cannabis – does carry some potential health risks. Cannabis, unlike tobacco, doesn’t cause lung cancer based on the current evidence, but it does pose certain other potential issues for lung health.

This is especially true for users with lung-related health conditions such as:

  • COPD (Chronic pulmonary obstructive disorder)
  • Emphysema
  • Asthma
  • Bronchitis

Accordingly, if you can’t or don’t want to smoke CBD, you have several other delivery method options to select from:

  • Vaping. Vaporized cannabis might look like smoke, but it’s actually vaporized liquid. The evidence shows that vaping is less harsh on, and less potentially damaging to, the lungs than smoking. It’s also more convenient if you want a product you can simply remove from the package and toke.
  • CBD creams and lotions.
  • CBD edibles.
  • CBD oil. One of the biggest benefits of CBD oil is that it packs CBD along with all the other beneficial cannabinoids and terpenes naturally found in cannabis in small, concentrated doses.

Contact Georgia Hemp Company for more CBD smoking tips

We’re always happy to discuss the best CBD smoking practices with our clients. In addition to selling high-quality, purity-tested CBD and other cannabis products, our job is to ensure the smoothest, most enjoyable, and most efficacious experience for those who use our products. Contact us with any questions or concerns you have and we’ll strike up a friendly correspondence ASAP.

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