How and Where to Find High-Quality CBD Hemp Flower

CBD hemp flower is a healthy, safe therapeutic cannabis product that Georgians can purchase and use without any risk of ending up on the wrong side of the law (since it was fully legalized a few years ago).

However, because the cannabis industry is still growing and developing, knowing where and how to source the highest-quality CBD strains available in the US market is often easier said than done.

This is your complete guide to connecting with the top CBD vendors in Georgia and beyond, what to look for in CBD, and why you should consider adding CBD to your self-care regimen.

Is CBD Hemp Flower Legal in Georgia?

The first thing to understand about CBD is that, although CBD hemp flower resembles THC-rich cannabis strains, there is a world of difference between them in terms of legality.

Georgia law stipulates that CBD hemp products containing less than 0.3% THC are legal. In May 2019, the Georgia legislature passed the “Georgia Hemp Farming Act” that mirrored the federal-level lifting of restrictions on CBD products.

However, due to the similarity in appearance between fully legal CBD hemp flower and illegal strains that contain more than 0.3% THC, Georgians are best-advised to consume these products in the privacy of their own home until law enforcement develops more sophisticated techniques to identify legal vs. illegal hemp products.

Characteristic Features of High-Grade CBD Hemp Flower (What to Look For)

Good-quality, expertly-cultivated CBD hemp flower has a few key characteristics:

  • Strong, intoxicating aroma (due to high terpene content). It may be citrusy, fruity, flowery, or earthy depending on the exact combination of terpenes in the strain
  • Vibrant colors. The buds should be predominately green, and may also contain vibrant purple, red, or orange hairs (called pistils) depending on the strain. Brown or yellow buds are a red flag.
  • Trichomes. Not all CBD hemp flower will contain trichomes (aka “crystals”) but many varieties will. Cannabinoids like CBD are highly concentrated in these crystals which indicates a high CBD content.  
  • Sticky but firm texture. Well-cured CBD hemp flower is sticky to the touch (particularly when you break a piece off from the stem but also somewhat firm. It shouldn’t crumble in your fingers but should be mildly crunchy which indicates that it was dried properly.

Georgia Hemp Co. Offers All-Natural CBD Hemp Flower

Browse Georgia Hemp Co.’s all-natural CBD hemp flowers for sale.

Sativa CBD Hemp Flower

We have a large selection of strains to choose from, separated by indica and sativa, dichotomous types of cannabis that produce different effects when consumed. Our CBD strains, in addition to being great sources of CBD, also contain an array of other health-giving cannabinoids like CBG and CBN, as well as a rich profile of terpenes and flavonoids for synergistic health benefits via the well-documented entourage effect.

Indica CBD Hemp Flower vs Sativa CBD Hemp Flower

In the indica vs sativa breakdown, indica strains are more commonly used for their relaxing effects on the body, while sativa strains are better suited for increasing mental alertness and boosting energy. For these reasons, many users prefer indica CBD hemp flower for nighttime unwinding while they use sativa CBD hemp flower during the daytime for a “pick me up” – in the same way that one might consume coffee.

Types of Hemp Flower

Source: Molly Ning

Conventionally, indica naturally contains higher ratios of CBD to THC while sativa tends to naturally contain her ratios of THC to CBD. However, both types of CBD hemp flower available in Georgia are cultivated to reduce THC levels to below the legal 0.3% threshold.

If you have a specific CBD hemp flower strain in mind that isn’t currently in stock at Georgia Hemp Company, you might also want to consider other reputable online vendors selling CBD products nationwide.

What Are the Most Popular National CBD Strains?

Several media outlets have ranked the “top CBD brands” based on quality, popularity, availability, and other factors.

The best way to vet a potential supplier of CBD hemp flower is to read a wide variety of reviews from different sources.

Georgia Hemp Co., for example, has a 4.7//5-star rating on Facebook based on dozens of reviews and a 4.5/5-star rating on Yelp.  

Directly Buying CBD Hemp Flower From Independent Farms

In addition to purchasing CBD online or in-person from respected vendors like GA Hemp Company, you might also consider getting your hemp flower directly from independent manufacturers.

Wildflower Hemp Co., for example, an Oregon-based CBD farm whom we are proud to partner with, sells their CBD hemp flower direct to consumers, similar to the farm-to-table marketing model popularized with organic, small-scale agricultural products.

Wildflower Hemp Co. sells sungrown CBD hemp flower strains, CBG hemp flower, and other unique cannabis products available for shipping to Georgia.

Buying Hemp Flower

The multiple benefits of sourcing your CBD directly from farmers include:

  • Supporting small-scale, family-owned businesses
  • You know where and how your CBD is produced (for example, if or what types of pesticides are used)
  • More favorable pricing by cutting out the middleman

Why Consider Using CBD Hemp Flower?

Commercially cultivated CBD hemp flower looks and smells like high-grade cannabis strains containing high amounts of THC, but the most notable difference is that they don’t produce the “high” typical of cannabis use.

CBD, the acronym for the cannabinoid called cannabidiol, has garnered significant interest among alternative medical practitioners as the clinical evidence of its numerous therapeutic effects has grown.

CBD has many beneficial impacts on human health backed up by thousands of clinical studies, which include:

Best of all, perhaps, against the backdrop of the pandemic that has gripped the American economy and society for nearly two years, CBD is also a potentially revolutionary immune system enhancer, given the recent exciting discovery of CBD’s anti-COVID effects.

Also, recreational cannabis users who may have an upcoming drug test for employment or other reasons may choose CBD hemp flower as an alternative, as the extremely low THC content will not trigger a “positive” test result.

Georgia Hemp Company, GA’s Leading CBD Authority, Can Help You Source CBD Hemp Flower

Contact Georgia Hemp Company for more tips on sourcing high-quality, potent CBD hemp flower. Our expert staff will be glad to answer any questions you have and point you in the right direction to locate and obtain all the cannabis-related products for a happier, healthier life. 

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