April 3, 2020

💨 4 weeks of 420! We’ve been training for this our entire lives.

To celebrate 420 lasting an entire month, Georgia’s finest hemp joints are available all month long for just $5. That’s four, 1-gram pre-rolled hemp joints for 20 bucks! “4 for 20” all 420, get it?

With over 20 different strains of premium hemp flower, The Georgia Hemp Company is the joint for joints all 4/20. Four weeks, 20 strains…can you try them all?

A month of 420? Can it really be true?

How can I celebrate? Here’s what to do:

Start with a jar of Georgia’s Finest Hemp Flower

Enjoy a CBD joint before and after the shower

Add tasty hemp brownies for a gluten-free 420 breakfast

Share-out the leftovers, best when they’re freshest!

For lunch Infused olive oil all over your pasta,

A smoke & Abliss have ya smooth as a Rasta.

If your furry best friends are 420 friendly too,

Try out the CBD pumpkin treats and pet chews.

30 straight days of Cannabis celebrations

The Georgia Hemp Company’s your 420 station.

Evan The Budtender

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