SweetWater Launch of Terpene Infused Insane OG Mexican Lager January 25th from 730-930pm

Join us January 25th from 730-930pm for the launch party of SweetWaters latest hit from 420 Strain, Insane OG. Sweetwater turned to a couple true OGs for this collab: B-Real of Cypress Hill and his Insane OG. strain by Dr. Greenthumb himself helped nail down the recipe for this intense Mexican lager. The Georgia Hemp […]

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🎄The Night Before Hempmas

The Night Before Hempmas T’was the night before Hempmas, and all through The A Friends and family all gathered, at the end of the day Calm, warm, and relaxed—the entire house was, With a gleam of excitement—and that was because One family, so educated, they knew what was up Smart all the way through, right […]

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Flower Friday with Southern Blues Hemp Flower Strain

Southern Blues: A nice and mellow Indica strain from Oregon is going to make you feel like you are floating away on a hot air balloon to imagination land. This strain has some fruit notes, like blueberry and citrus with a bit of sweet wine mixed in. The terpene profile is Beta-Caryopyllene, Beta- Myrcene,farnesene,a-Pinene

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