5 Holiday Reasons for CBD: Reason #5 – The Food & Drink

Eating right can be a problem even without the extra-rich seasonal foods making their debut. High holidays bring out high-gluten, high-sugar, highly processed foods and their favorite counterpart: Holiday Booze! Protect your belly and your brain from the symptoms of what you eat and drink this season with CBD.

For Food: Your ECS is an important appetite regulator – priming it before meals with an Aromatherapy Terpene Pen can help manage portion consumption. Even filling a plate with just a little bit of everything can lead to interesting intestinal combinations – a higher dose of evening CBD oil in your cocoa can help coat and manage against turbulent tummies.

For Booze: Enjoying friends and family can inevitably lead to holiday spirits! With a host of neuroprotective and anti-inflammatory properties, a few CBD Tablets or gummies before drinking will help defend your brain from the neurological damages of alcohol. 

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