5 Holiday Reasons for CBD: Reason #4 – Winter Aches & Pains

Most of us can’t afford the luxury of hibernating through winter, but our bodies’ instinct is to slow down, rest, and conserve energy when weather gets cold. Even a small difference in physical activity can contribute to stiff joints, muscle tension, and extended fatigue. So what can CBD do to help?

For you: You don’t have to have arthritis to feel the aches and pains of winter. Keeping your ECS layered with different CBD intake methods will help general joint inflammation and increases blood flow throughout the body. Layering your CBD intake means the body is getting CBD from multiple sources. For example soft gels in the morning, lip balm and relief lotion throughout the day, and maybe keeping an aromatherapy terpene pen handy for immediate relief. This method will help joints feel a bit more lubricated and ready for action between periods of winter inactivity.

For them: Warm up your friends and guests with loose-leaf CBD tea. Hot tea is already packed with benefits, offering a CBD-infused chamomile will be welcomed without overwhelming anybody unfamiliar with CBD and hemp extract products.

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