5 Holiday Reasons for CBD: Reason #3 – Speaking of Pets

Reason #3 – Speaking for the Pets. That’s right, all the fur-babies, kittehs, doggos, pupperinos, and fluff-tailed fuzz-balls have endocannabinoid systems too. At least the mammalian variety. They’ve got regular routines, excess energy, and aging joints that can be affected by holiday season activities and weather. The first sight of a suitcase can cause pets to act a little weird in anticipation of travel, so here’s how CBD can help the four-legged friends in your life:

Your pet: Pet staying with you at home? A single 4mg CBD biscuit can make a huge difference for a pet that’s anxious around guests and unexpected holiday party noise. Travelling pets will be calmer during car trips, and any boarding pets will enjoy a treat from home that helps with their nerves and appetite while you’re apart.

Other Pets: Along with a host of additional pet benefits, CBD pet treats are a relatively inexpensive gift with huge benefits. Introducing your friends’ and families’ to them can do wonders for their pets and earn you some major holiday karma.

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