💨 4/20: 20-ish Cannabis themed tv, movies and documentaries to enjoy the entire month of 4/20.

We have compiled a list of 20-ish Cannabis themed must watch tv, movies and documentaries to enjoy the entire month of 4/20. Don’t worry we included the classics along with some of our personal favorites in no particular order. Let us know your favorites!

Let’s start with movies: 

#1 Clerks

This 1994 movie is about Dante and his uneventful day spent at a Quick Stop covering a shift on his day off. Then Dante gets the news that makes him think. 

Available on Amazon Prime Video 

#2 Saving Grace 

Grace faces financial trouble after her husband dies. She then turns to one of our favorite plants hoping to make a buck or two. 

Available on Starz and Amazon Prime Video 

#3 Reefer Madness 

The one that started it all. This classic tells the story we all know… How cannabis is going to lead us down the wrong path. Have a good laugh. 

Available on YouTube 

#4 Grandma’s Boy

Alex a video game creator moves back in with his grandma. Where her and her pals spend the days in front of the tv. Meaning Alex doesn’t get to smoke all the cannabis he wants, and his social life is non-existent. 

Available on HBO 

#5 Friday 

Bye Felicia if you have never watched this movie about Craig Jones and all the conflicts that seem to happen on Friday. There was a time we couldn’t even finish this movie without passing out bf the end.

Available on Amazon Prime Video 

#6 How High 

Jamal and Silas smoke something magical that ends up getting them into Harvard. Then the good stuff dries up. They are on their own now. 

Available on Amazon Prime 

#7 Pineapple Express 

Stoner Dale Denton wittnesses a murder while smoking fancy weed, dropping his roach in the process. Which could lead back to him. He and his dealer go on the run with a dangerous drug dealer and a crooked  cop on their heels. 

Available on Amazon Prime Video 

#8 Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas 

A misfit journalist and his off the wall lawyer head to Las Vegas for a series of mind blowing antics.  

Available on Amazon Prime Video 

#9 Ted

Josh Bennett finally gets what we all wished for, his childhood bear to come to life. Now he must choose between his childhood best friend and his girlfriend. 

Available on Hulu 

#10 Dazed and Confused 

This classic is a coming of age story of high school students celebrating the last day of school in 1976.  

Available on Amazon Prime Video 

#11 The Big Lebowski 

Jeff “The Dude” Lebowski is mistaken for a millionaire with the same name and seeks to figure out why his precious rug was peed on. He seeks payback with his ragtag team of bowling buddies. 

Available on Starz streaming 

#12 Any of Cheech and Chong’s movies: Up in smoke,Nice Dreams 

It’s Cheech and Chong.. What else is there to say 

Up in Smoke is available on Netflix, Nice Dreams is available on Amazon Prime Video 

#13 Half Baked 

Three of the not smartest friends come up with some half baked plans to get a friend out of jail. 

Available on Starz streaming

 Now for Documentaries

#14 Super High Me 

Comic Doug Benson. Gives up cannabis for 30 days, and then smokes it everyday for 30 days to compare the effects. 

Available on Amazon Prime 

#15 Weed The People 

This documentary shows how the system is not meant to help patients, but instead makes them take their own risky steps to get cannabis for their sick family members. 

Available on Netflix 

#16 A NORML Life 

A documentary shows what cannabis legislation was like for caregivers, patients and doctors in the mid 2000’s  

Available on Amazon Prime Video 

#17 The Scientist- Dr. Mechoulam

This documentary tells the story of the “father of cannabinoid medicine” Dr. Mechoulam 

Find it for free- https://www.projectcbd.org/culture/life-work-raphael-mechoulam-scientist

#18 Emperor of Hemp

 This documentary spotlights Jack Herer and his struggle to see how cannabis is a medicine in the late 90’s. 

Available on Youtube  

#19 The Union: The Business Behind Getting High

Filmmaker Brett Harvey examines the  illegal cannabis trade between British Columbia and the United States.

Available on Youtube  

#20 The Culture High

This film brings together people who have seemingly nothing in common except for cannabis. When it comes to cannabis and the prohibition and how it has affected their lives. 

Available on Amazon Prime Video 

Bonus- TV Show 

#21 Weediquette 

Krishna Andavolu chronicles the science, culture and legalization of marijuana. While showing how cannabis has benefited patients. 

Available on Viceland 

#22 Disjointed

 Ruth, a long time activist for cannabis, finally gets to open a dispensary in Los Angeles. This show follows her employees and herself on all the hijinks and even the realities of owning a dispensary in a world that doesn’t fully understand cannabis. 

Available on Netflix  

Extra credit 


Your white picket fence mom takes on the world of dealing weed to keep up her lavish lifestyle. The best part, the whole neighborhood is already stoned. 

Available on HBO

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