💝 Valentine’s Day Hemp Lover’s Package: Flower Bouquet, 7 grams Hemp Buds, Chocolate, Massage Oil & Bath Bomb.

Cannabe your Valentine? You and your canna-boo-thang can enjoy our  Hemp Lover’s packages this Valentine’s Day—Including Georgia’s Finest Floral Hemp Bouquet.

Tulips of pink, Carnations of white, Plus a quarter of premium hemp flower—that’s right!

  • Bouquet of flower filled with carnations, rosemary and tulips
  • ¼ oz of Premium Hemp Flower
  • 500mg Dark Chocolate Bar or 300mg Gummies (identify chosen option in notes section)
  • 35mg Bath Bomb
  • 250mg Massage Oil

Pre-order your bouquet and have it fresh-prepped and ready for in-store pick up, on or before Valentine’s Day, you pick!

To maintain the highest possible quality, Georgia’s finest premium hemp flower bouquets can only be picked up in-store February 12th, 13th, and 14th.

Call, visit us in store, or order yours online today!

The Georgia Hemp Company curates the finest CBD hemp flower grown in The USA.

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