🐱🐶 If pets own 100% of your heart, enjoy this 20% June CBD Discount

For pooches, for kitties, and four-legged friends. For doggos, and cattos, of all odds and ends.

The Georgia Hemp Company is celebrating your pet 20% off pet CBD all June you can bet!

Pumpkin treats, Pet Oils, Beef Chews and more, Hemp toys, Salmon Syringes—good feelings galore.

Is your pet super healthy? CBD’s still good for their joints! Has your furball earned a few good-boy or good-girl pet points?

Do they wig-out when you leave? Pee when you return? Here’s some quick CBD pet tips you can learn: There’s plenty of reasons to try CBD, Like uncontrolled itching, or pet anxiety.

Fireworks in July – time to prepare in June. CBD can help calm “the scaries” caused by a vacuum.

When pets get a bit older or start losing pep, Cannabinoid treatments can add spring to their step.

These pets that we love have an ECS too, A small version of the Endocannabinoid System inside you!

For pets recovering from long runs, or injuries, or cancer, Georgia’s Finest CBD is a natural pain-relief answer.

Pocket pets, rocket pets, all crazy and weird, All of their oddities loved and endeared,

With pets in our lives, there’s no room for bummers— Celebrate your pet all June and stock up on CBD for the summer!

A Poem by Evan The Budtender

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