🎄The Night Before Hempmas

The Night Before Hempmas

T’was the night before Hempmas, and all through The A

Friends and family all gathered, at the end of the day

Calm, warm, and relaxed—the entire house was,

With a gleam of excitement—and that was because

One family, so educated, they knew what was up

Smart all the way through, right down to their pup.

The Parents had relief from their holiday stress

And the children weren’t over-energized, makin’ a mess.

The household was happy, sat ‘round their tree

Enjoying the benefits of Georgia’s Finest CBD

When what to their wandering eyes should appear

Urgent Social Media alerts, “Canna Claus is HERE!”

At The Georgia Hemp Company, He had arrived!

With CBD-gifts and savings for all visiting inside.

He brought pet treats for fur-babies, Peach Tea for your Gran

And soothing balms and salves for people who ran…

Ol’ St. Hemp nibbled on CBD cookies, and other baked goods

Then invited everybody from surrounding neighborhoods

To come try the finest CBD products in the land

And put fresh, pre-rolled joints into everyone’s hand.

How does Father Hemp travel? Well, nobody knows. 

Wherever he’s needed, he just kind of grows.

The French call him “Perre Chanvre”, The Germans “Papa Hanf”

Italians say “Bobo Canapa” knows where to find the best stuff.

Whatever your language, whatever your creed

The Georgia Hemp Company has what you need

Georgia’s Finest CBD in all the best forms

Your family can make feeling good, the new norm.

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