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🎄CBD Holiday Survival Kits to inspire your holiday spirit

The holiday shopping tradition has changed for most this year. At The Georgia Hemp Company, we have seen more attention on health and wellness focused gifts.

So, we have curated 4 Holiday Survival Kits to inspire your holiday spirit and make it easy to give the gift of CBD. 

Get 20% off the Kit if you buy 5 or more items! 

Self-Care Kit Mom, Grandma, Partner….whoever is at home taking care of everyone else deserves some #CBD Self-Care. This Kit is designed to make for the best night IN ever. Clockwise Left to Right: 500mg CBD Chocolate Bar – $30 | 35mg CBD Body Bath Bomb – $12 | 500mg CBD Hand and Body Lotion – $40 | 500mg CBD Relief Cream – $60 10mg CBD Peach Tea – $25

Go-Getter KitWon’t Stop. Can’t Stop. For the non-stop mover and shaker in your house, gift them some #CBD fuel to keep them motivated and energized! Clockwise Left to Right:   10mg CBD Gum – $12 | 25mg Ablis Lemon Ginger Beverage – $6 | 500mg Muscle Pain Cream – $60 | 175mg Hemp Extract Coffee – $30 | 1g Flower Pre-roll – $8

“Adulting” KitTo the young person in your life who finally understands why adulting is hard. Give them a boost of self-sufficiency with this calming and grounding kit! Clockwise Left to Right:   1g Flower Pre-roll – $8 | 200mg CBD Brownie Mix – $29.99  | 100mg CBD Hand Sanitizer – $25 | 35mg CBD Hemp Soap – $12 25mg CBD Sour Gummy Bears – $49.99

“Health Nut” Kit A gift of inflammation relief and holistic health is exactly what the health-conscious person in your life wants this Christmas. This kit promotes healthy living inside and out! Clockwise Left to Right: 
600mg Kinesiology Tape – $50 | 500mg – 3000mg Full Spectrum CBD Oil – $50-$150 | 500mg CBD Olive Oil – $40 | 200mg Revive Terpene Pen – $20  | 25mg CBD Pre-Workout Capsules – $50

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